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Customer Reviews

“Great food, great service, great atmosphere!”

Kittywake1, TripAdvisor

"We started with probably the most amazing Pork Gyoza I've ever had, served with a simple soy side. These were perfect; steamed well so that the filling did not fall out when you bite them in half, and lovely and caramelised on one side from their time in the pan. And the filling, oh the filling. Rich, flavourful and that perfect balance of sweet and umami. I know the menu says that unless you're vegetarian you should not leave Tamago without trying them by way of a sales pitch, but in this instance their claim is actually true."

Rachel Phipps, food writer

“Coolest Japanese Food for Miles”

Barrylegg, TripAdvisor

“I was born and raised in Japan and spent a total of 42 years there. So I know my Japanese food - I was raised on it...So, let me say this first & foremost: if Tamago was a shop in any of the neighborhoods I have lived in, I would go regularly. And so would any other member of the community. It's as "authentic" as any Ramen shop would be in Japan.”

Jonchan22, TripAdvisor

"This is the best Ramen I've had in the UK. Lovely food, lovely staff. We need to keep independents alive in Canterbury and this is the one to go to.”

eleri1, TripAdvisor

“Amazing and brilliant. Without doubt the best Japanese food I've had outside of Japan. Brilliant service. Great ambience - loved the Japanese music!!!”

asw1974, TripAdvisor

“A great bento box from Canterbury’s newest and only real Ramen restaurant, Tamago. Loved the box and loved the food, a perfect lunch.”

Adelina Comas-Herrera, food writer and academic

“The food is excellent, the atmosphere is friendly and the beer is tasty. Wagawho?”

Tommillinchip, TripAdvisor

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